Name:    Doctor Paul Wayne Godfrey, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (ret)

Theme:   Veteran educator and educated Veteran, Citizen Enjoying life and helping my fellow veterans and my community where I can.


Retirement Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2011

Emails: Email)


+16789717194 (Consult)

+14049982889 (Cell)

Birthday:    Dec 2, 1946

Gender:  Male

Current City:    Flowery Branch, Georgia

Hometown:    Gaffney, South Carolina; Warner Robins, Georgia

Relationship Status:  Married



University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

Graduate School

Community and Technical College Leadership Initiative

Completed Doctorate Degree in Workforce Education 2009



University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

Graduate School

Pursued Doctorate Degree in Mathematics Education 1994-1996



University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma

Graduate School

Completed Master Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 1994

Honor Graduate



Troy University, Sembach AFB, Germany

Graduate School

Completed Master Degree in Management 1983



University of Southern Mississippi, Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Pursued Master Degree in Telecommunications Management 1978



Troy University, Montgomery, Alabama

Graduate School

Completed Master Degree in Foundations of Education 1971



University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia


LtCol AFROTC, Pledge Master Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

Completed Bachelor Degree in Mathematics 1969



Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida


Partial Scholarship 1965, Student Senator 1965-1967, Sigma Phi Epsilon Brother, Honors Program 1965-1967

Pursued Bachelor Degree in Mathematics 1965 - 1967



Wesleyan College, Macon, GA



Governor's Honors Program 1964


Northside High School, Warner Robins, GA


Football (Honorable mention All-State), Track, Drama (Third place at State One Act Play), Music, Beta Club, Voted Outstanding Junior (1964), Voted Most Intellectual (1965), STAR Student, Student Body President (1963-1964)

Completed Diploma Valedictorian (de facto) 1965


Work history:   

Northeast Georgia Veterans Coalition, Gainesville, Georgia  

2012 – Current

Administrative Coordinator

Developed formal program to coordinate activities of seven regional, national, and state organizations in support of veterans and first responders (currently in de facto COVID-19 recess).


Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Chapter Counselor (Official January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2013)

2010 - 2013

Georgia Delta, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

Coordinated the the modernization of the electrical system for the 150+ year fraternity house.


Lanier Technical College

2000 - 2011

Computer Information Systems and Mathematics Technical Instructor

Chaired the Institutional Effectiveness Committee during Commission on Colleges accreditation.


North Georgia Technical Institute, Clarksville, Georgia

1996 - 2000

Computer Information Systems Technical Instructor

Developed, designed, implemented and taught the first, completely online certificate program (1996 - 1997). Implemented Cisco digital network design, implementation, installation and management training program.


Chattahoochee Technical Institute, Marietta, Georgia


Adjunct Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science


Lanier Technical Institute Economic Development, Gainesville, Georgia


Mathematics Technical Instructor

Designed and taught practical classes in mathematics for the workplace.


Piedmont College, Dermorest, Georgia

1994 - 1996

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science


North Georgia College & State University, Dahlonega, Georgia

1994 - 1996

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

When a disgruntled instructor destroyed the COBOL compilers for a programming class, created a practical COBOL interpreter to save the class for the students.


Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City, OK


Adjunct Professor of Mathematics


University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond Oklahoma

January 1, 1993 - January 1, 1994

Research assistant

Helped evaluate the modeling effort of FAA for ensuring aircraft separation proximate to airports.Prepared research to ensure the efficacy of common statistical approaches in evaluating models.


United States Air Force

June 1969 - September 1992



Basic Training, Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Airman Basic


1967 to 1969

AFROTC, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel


1969-07-29 to 1970-04-07

Basic Officer Electronics School, 3412 Student Squadron, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi

Second Lieutenant


Special Assignments (Hurricane Camille recovery details, et al).


1970-04-08 to 1971-04-07

Air Force Alternate Command Post, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama

Second Lieutenant

Command Duty Officer

Transitioned to remote communications support for the Command Post


1971-04-08 to 1971-10-27

2047 Communications Squadron, Maxwell AFB, Alabama

First Lieutenant

Maintenance Officer

Planned and managed the acquisition and installation of a University wide color television system. Produced 280th Alabama Air National Guard recruiting film


1971-10-28 to 1973-08-04

2108 Communications Squadron, Laughlin AFB, Texas

First Lieutenant

Chief of Maintenance

Led AFCS engineering team in resolving complex electronic interference issues with Ar Traffic Control systems. Managed the installation and implementation of state of the art regional surveillance radar system


1973-08-05 to 1974-07-10

2140 Communications Group, Det 15, Levkas, Greece




1974-07-11 to 1977-07-01

601st Direct Air Support Center, Maurice Rose AAF, Frankfurt, Germany


Mobility Officer and Maintenance Supervisor.

Performed multiple deployments in support of US Army V Corps and NATO.


1977-07-02 to 1978-03-01

Telecommunications Staff Officer Course, 3395 Technical Training Group, Keesler AFB, Mississippi




1978-03-02 to 1980-06-29

Tactical Air Command Inspector General, Langley AFB, Virginia

Ground CE Branch Inspector


Primary Operations Security (OPSEC)/ Communications Security (COMSEC) Inspector for Tactical Air Command bases and ANG tactical control units.


1980-06-30 to 1982-06-24

2164 Communications Squadron, Det 1, RAF Martlesham Heath, United Kingdom




1982-06-25 to 1985-02-14

Hq European Communications Area, Kapaun AS, Germany


Chief, Cruise Missile Division

Assisted HQ USAFE in the selection, coordination, and construction of five new air bases in NATO countries of England, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Led the design, installation, and operation of the US Nuclear Command and Control System for Cruise Missile bases and systems. Coordinated the team of USAF officers who did the impossible in fielding NATO’s strategic Command and Control system for nuclear weapons.


1984-02-14 to 1985-02-15

2135 Information Systems Squadron, Florennes AB, Belgium




1985-02-15 to 1988-01-30

Hq United States Central Command

Macdill AFB, Florida

Lieutenant Colonel

Chief, Theater Communications Division (Southwest Asia & Egypt)


1988-06-31 to 1991-06-08

Hq DCA Europe, Stuttgart, Vaihingen City, Germany

Lieutenant Colonel

Chief, European Data Systems

European program manager for implementing the precursor to the internet and world-wide web (MILNET, DISNET, et al).


1991-06-09 to 1992-09-30

1985th Communications-Computer Systems Group, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma

Lieutenant Colonel

Deputy Commander


Military Honors and Awards:

The Defense Meritorious Service Medal, four Air Force Meritorious Service Medals, three Air Force Commendation Medals, two National Defense Service Medals, the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award, four Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards, five Air Force Longevity Service Awards, four Air Force Long Overseas Ribbons, two Air Force Short Overseas Ribbons, the Air Force Training Ribbon, and two Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbons.



Retired from USAF September 30, 1992


Choke's Laundry, Athens, Georgia

1967 – 1969



Keesler AFB, Mississippi


USAF Basic Training and ROTC Classes

Airman Basic


Ft Stewart, Georgia

May 1967 - July 1967

US Army Corps of Engineers, GS-4

Engineering Assistant

Helped engineering design and construction of primary (Hunter Army Airfield) and satellite Army Airfields


Collier's Encyclopedia, Macon, Georgia


Door-to-door salesman


Aerospace/Defense Coatings of Georgia, Macon, Georgia


Department of the Navy, WG-4

Weapons Electroplating Plant


Blue Bird Body Company, Fort Valley, Georgia

1964 - 1965

Line Worker, Bus Assembly Line


1963 - 1964

Jolly's Peach Orchard and Packing Plant, Chesnee, South Carolina

Peach Packer

Packed peaches


Instructional Experience:


Undergraduate Courses Taught:


Basic Mathematics Courses to include: Business Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics,

College Algebra, Quantitative Skills and Reasoning, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Pre-



Basic Management and Computer Science Courses to include: Computer Concepts, Systems

Management, System Design, Program Design, Programming, Operating Systems, Computer

Maintenance, and Computer Networking.


Professional Courses Taught:


Cisco Academy Remote Instructor Course, 2002.


Cisco Academy CCNA Instructor Course, 1998-2002.


Central Command, Command and Control Course, Air War College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama,





Mativo, J.M., Hill, R.B. & Godfrey, P.W. (2013). Effects of Human Factors in Engineering and Design for Teaching Mathematics: A Comparison Study of Online and Face-to-Face at a Technical College. Journal of STEM Education, 14(4), 36-44. Laboratory for Innovative Technology in Engineering Education (LITEE). Retrieved September 29, 2020 from


Godfrey, P. W. (2009). Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful technical college students

in online and face-to-face mathematics classes. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Georgia,

Athens, GA.


Godfrey, P. W. (1993). A comparison of the application of parametric and nonparametric

statistics to hypothesis testing for a continuous population. Masters Thesis, University of Central

Oklahoma, Edmond OK.


Honors and Awards:


Outstanding Graduate Student, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK 1991.



Favorite Sports: American football, Skiing, Bowling, Tennis, Golf

Favorite Teams:  Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Georgia Bulldogs, Florida State Seminoles, Troy Trojans

Inspirational People: T. B. Godfrey, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, FDR, Ronald Reagan

Groups:  It's not "Public School," it's "Government School.", Georgians For Constitutional Government

Political Views:

Fiscal Conservative, Social Moderate. I support National Unity, Consistent Justice, Domestic Tranquility, Strong Defense, Welfare only for the truly Needy, and Liberty for All. I believe the role of Federal government is limited by the U. S. Constitution and the role of a State’s government must be set forth in the State's Constitution. All else is reserved to the people.

Religious Views: Practical Christian

Favorite Quotes: If you wait, change will come, whether you want it or not; if you act, you may get the change you want.