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History doesn’t repeat itself- but it does rhyme.

At one point, not too long ago, I wold have balked at the idea of being back in the classroom this fall. But alas, if we understand one thing from History, it’s that plans often do not go as planned. And with that said, I am back, working on my Masters of Education at North Dakota State University.

That said, I completed my undergrad at NDSU, earning my B.S. in Political Science in the spring of 2015. I love the principles of politics, and look forward to teaching those principles in the schools very soon. When we look at the historical standpoint of politics, despite what the media says, History isn’t exactly repeating itself with the 2016 Presidential Election, but there are elements that we have seen before historically.

Which begs the question- why do we think historically? The answer, I believe is subjective at best. However, I believe we need to think historically to understand where we came from to understand where we are going. From a political historical standpoint, to answer the question of how we ended up with Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton as our nominees, we need to think historically to come to a conclusion that it was a snowball effect of a number of things that lead to voters wanting change. We think historically to build on the ideas of the previous generation of leaders- to improve the ideas, and create newer, better ones.

We often hold a higher regard to forward momentum when compared to the historical perspective, but without learning from History and thinking in the historical mindset, are we not bound to make the same mistakes as the previous generation? As this semester progresses, I will seek to explore the idea of invoking the historical perspective to not only preserve history, but to open up ideas of how history is shaping where we are now, and more importantly, where we are going.

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