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Going back to that whole “creativity thing”… I am not creative when it comes to titling these posts. But I admitted that so it’s okay right? I’m starting to think about the “walking tour” that will be the project for this class. Who, What Where, When and Why are the questions today, I believe.

I believe we are targeting, in the macro sense, anyone interested in the history of the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area. Need I get more specific, tourists, students doing research for an assignment, new-comers to town to name a few micro-audiences. The City of Fargo has a tour they put together in 2007… I’m sure it is very well done and for the most part, still relevant today if all the sites in subject are still in tact. A group named “Fargo Underground” also has a walking tour that can be found via web search. A local developer has what they call a walking tour to advertise the new projects they are doing to the city.

As I think of ideas for a walking tour, what I believe the obvious landmarks come to mind… The Fargo Theatre, the Hjemkomst Center, There are landmarks at all 3 universities that I believe should probably be covered. There’s that Dairy Queen that put Moorhead on the map when Harry Smith covered it for NBC News… Plus I can get a Blizzard when I go there… That would be tasty. We’ve got that Woodchipper from that movie named after our city that was largely filmed in Brainerd and Minneapolis, and the Fargo Walk of Fame that used to be down town is now housed right next to it. These are just a few of the obvious locations that come to mind… Will add to this post if and when I think of more.

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