Issues: Areas for Excellence


The high tide of economic troubles of the past several years may be receding, but nearly 10% of our workforce is still without work. It is critically important for us to actively seek ways to make jobs available to our citizens, and to help our citizen be workforce educated and ready for jobs. We must work to make that happen.


An educated citizenry is essential to sustaining our way of life. Education prepares us for work and enriches us throughout our lives. Our public schools provide that important foundational education. Also essential to life-long learning is promising that libraries and other community facilities are located where the most people need them. We must keep those promises to the people.


We need to have elected representatives we can trust to be ethical and honest. We all trust our military for ethical and honest service. Government is also a place to serve honestly and ethically, not seek special advantage for self or associates. We must fight to ensure we receive ethical and honest service by the people on the county commission, or see that they are removed.


The key to success in government is cooperation. Cooperatively working with others on the commission, in the county staff, and in other local governments is essential to the long term needs of our county. There is no place for obstructionism in public service. The county commissioners should make Hall work for the good of all the people and not just their friends and special interests.

Issues: Six Goals


Protecting the safety and integrity of our neighborhoods and enhancing our families' investments in them. This means fully funding our fire protection and emergency services, which we must do.


Investing our public monies wisely, in the public interest, to create opportunities and encouragement for enriching our commerce, culture, and pride of place. Spending that violates the public trust, for libraries or consultants, cannot be tolerated.


Working with citizen's groups, universities, colleges, local businesses, and other local governments to shape the future of our county, respecting and appreciating all as we dream and work, is essential to good county government. From water resources to waste disposal, county government cannot go it alone and ignore the valid interests of others in the county. We must make sure every stakeholder is involved.


Following a caring, studied approach to development and growth that sustains and enriches the health, beauty and value of our natural habitat and fellow creatures on whom we depend for health, wealth and inspiration. Making snap decisions and abandoning well thought out plans is not an acceptable option.


Recognizing that our neighborhoods, economy, environment and basic liberties are interdependent contributors to our quality of life and that each person has a special spark of genius and is special as a human being. Encouraging jobs and well thought out economic growth should be a priority in county government.


Working on the principle that democratic government is not an obstacle, but is our tool for ensuring the common good and supporting our individual pursuits of happiness, ensuring the concerns of every interested voter are heard, and not merely demagoguery, is essential in county government.

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